Russia Traffic with EP-Trans

We organise transports for our customers out of the industrial regions of Western Europe to Eastern Europe.

If requested, we can also provide vehicle escorts. With our own branch in Moscow, we have the best pre-requisite for providing a smooth transport service, whilst observing Import and Export regulations, completing customs clearance formalities and handling other legal matters.

With over ten years of know-how and the right contacts, we can take of everything.


Our spectrum of services in Moscow includes the following main focal areas:

- Part- and Full-Loads from and to Russia
- Customs Clearance in Russia for Import and Export
- Heavy loads
- ADR Transports
- Logistic Consulatation Service
- Turn Key Projecte
- Warehousing and Distribution
- Specialisation in DDP deliveries


EP-Eurologistik OOO

Moscow / Russia

Phone   +7 495 6096411
Fax: +7 495 6096411



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